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Hernando “Meko” Gutierrez is a fourth-generation coffee farmer in Colombia. His family was one off the first who produced specialty coffee in this little town close to Buesaco. At Meko’s farm they are trying to use as less chemicals as possible to maintain quality and their future.

The farm, Rosa Florida, is in the Narino region south of Colombia close to the border with Equador. All the coffee trees on the farm are well shaded and surrounded by mandarin, citrus and banana trees. Meko sells some off these fruits at a local market but most of it is used as fertilizer to keep the soil in great shape.

In june 2016 I visit Meko’s Farm and I hope to travel towards his lovely farm much more often the next few years. Meko and his farmers are eager to learn and together we hope to improve the quality even further over the upcoming years.

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Medium Acidity
Medium Body
Sweet / Vanilla

1800 meters
Washed processing

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Espresso, Filter


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