“The Hague deserves better coffee!” is how it all started a while ago.

After working as a Barista and coffee roaster throughout Holland for the last 10 years, in 2016 I decided to start my own roastery.

So I’d like to introduce you to Roast Factory, a brand new coffee roaster in The Hague, ready to take your orders.

Three coffees can be found in the webshop below. The coffee from Colombia an Guatemala are both direct trade and bought by myself. The third coffee, a coffee from Ethiopia comes from Thissideup

Cheers, Stefan

My coffee

To get the best result in your cup I’m in a constant search for the best coffees available. Only working with some of the best farmers and traders in the world to achieve perfection.

At Roast factory its all about high quality coffee directly bought from the farmers. Making that extra step to get the best flavor possible. Apart from the flavour I’m always looking for coffees that tell a story. Click on the coffees in the webshop to learn more.



Roast Factory loves to collaborate with company’s who are in a constant search to upgrade there products. Company’s that are looking for the next step. Refining there taste and upgrade there knowledge about the product.

The coffee

All the coffees I buy have their own story. Click on the coffees in the webshop to check out the inspiring backstories!

Barista training

Roast Factory offers free barista training to all wholesalers so you and your staff can keep improving skills. Trainings can be done at the factory our at your store. Together we work towards a brand new coffee experience.


Roast Factory delivers the coffee every week. I wanna know what you’re up to, check out the machinery and help out if there are any problems. One other reason is that fresh coffee is better coffee, so a small stock will make sure the coffee doesn’t lose any of it’s taste.

Service and machinery

If you have any problems opening up a espressobar i can help you out. Not only quality wise, but also with machinery or routing. I have a lot of work experience in some great espressobars in Holland so I can always help out if there are any problems.

Are you interested in an inspiring collaboration? Contact me!


Coffee is a very delicate product and it grows on the most beautiful places on earth. I’d like to keep it that way and in my search for the best beans I pay the farmers a fair price, so they can invest in the future and themselves. Click on the coffees below to find out more.


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